There is a valley nearby that is full of trees and grass so lovely and  green,

Surrounded by the most beautiful mountains you had ever seen.

In this valley there lives a kangaroo full of bounce and fun,

“I want to go to the top of the mountain, I want to touch the sun.”

That is what the eager Kangaroo full of bounce and giggle said.

“It’s lovely and sunny I must remember a hat for my head.”

Bouncing along humming her tune she came across a pond with a frog on a lilipad.

“Where are you going happy hoppy Kangaroo?”

“And would you mind if I came too?”

The kangaroo thought it would be wonderful to have a friend

To go up the mountain and around the bend.

The frog and the kangaroo bounced along laughing and spotting parrots,

When they saw a horse watching them while munching on a carrot.

“Oh please take me with you, a mountain trip would be so nice.”

The frog and kangaroo nodded not once but twice.

The kangaroo, the frog and the horse bounced and walked side by side

Soon they spotted a swing, (though the frog’s favourite was a slide).

On the swing was a little girl who jumped off and flew through the air.

She asked “Are you going up the mountain up way over there?”

“Please take me with you, I do love to have an adventure to share.”

The three animals nodded at the girl and said yes of course.

And the girl joined the kangaroo, the frog and the horse.

The girl , the kangaroo, the frog and the horse came upon a goat in a meadow,

Who was trying to reach the grass outside the gate but ducking very low.

The goat bleated “Baa, a mountain goat I am not but I do like adventures.”

“I’ve dreamed of going up that mountain for many winters.”

“Join us then, the more the merrier” said the little girl with a smile,

The goat jumped the fence and then baaed happily for a while.

The kangaroo, the frog, the horse,  the girl and the goat all set off  with adventure in their mind.

And up the great big enormous mountain they did climb.

From the top of the mountain they could see the whole world and more.

For many hours the five of them sat together silenced in awe.

Never could they have imagined how much they would be able to see from up there.

They promised each other to all walk up the mountain with each other once every year.