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The Kangaroo and the Valley

There is a valley nearby that is full of trees and grass so lovely and  green,

Surrounded by the most beautiful mountains you had ever seen.

In this valley there lives a kangaroo full of bounce and fun,

“I want to go to the top of the mountain, I want to touch the sun.”

That is what the eager Kangaroo full of bounce and giggle said.

“It’s lovely and sunny I must remember a hat for my head.”

Bouncing along humming her tune she came across a pond with a frog on a lilipad.

“Where are you going happy hoppy Kangaroo?”

“And would you mind if I came too?”

The kangaroo thought it would be wonderful to have a friend

To go up the mountain and around the bend.

The frog and the kangaroo bounced along laughing and spotting parrots,

When they saw a horse watching them while munching on a carrot.

“Oh please take me with you, a mountain trip would be so nice.”

The frog and kangaroo nodded not once but twice.

The kangaroo, the frog and the horse bounced and walked side by side

Soon they spotted a swing, (though the frog’s favourite was a slide).

On the swing was a little girl who jumped off and flew through the air.

She asked “Are you going up the mountain up way over there?”

“Please take me with you, I do love to have an adventure to share.”

The three animals nodded at the girl and said yes of course.

And the girl joined the kangaroo, the frog and the horse.

The girl , the kangaroo, the frog and the horse came upon a goat in a meadow,

Who was trying to reach the grass outside the gate but ducking very low.

The goat bleated “Baa, a mountain goat I am not but I do like adventures.”

“I’ve dreamed of going up that mountain for many winters.”

“Join us then, the more the merrier” said the little girl with a smile,

The goat jumped the fence and then baaed happily for a while.

The kangaroo, the frog, the horse,  the girl and the goat all set off  with adventure in their mind.

And up the great big enormous mountain they did climb.

From the top of the mountain they could see the whole world and more.

For many hours the five of them sat together silenced in awe.

Never could they have imagined how much they would be able to see from up there.

They promised each other to all walk up the mountain with each other once every year.

Jasmine Jumbuck

Jazzy Jumbuck loved to dance,

She would jump and spin almost at any chance.

The music would turn on

Jasmine’s favourite song.

Up she would jump high in the air,

A pirouette she could do with flare.

Always a smile would be on her face,

Dancing was her favourite place.


Izzy Iguana

From my branch above the water,
I rest my head and jump if I ought to.
For there are times when other animals come near,
Hoping for an iguana-steak to sear.
I have eyes that see very well indeed,
If they see something ominous I dive into the water with great speed.
Swimming is so much fun, I’m sure you’ll agree,
I dive, I flip, I glide and feel happy.
After my swim I need something delicious to eat,
I have fruit and plenty of leaves that fall at my feet.
My name is Izzy and I am an Iguana.
Have a look for me next time you’re in Ghana.
I’ll say hello with my eyes, which I can move very fast,
And I’d love to say hello to you as you walk past!

Heidi Hippo

The minute Heidi Hippo awoke from her rest.

She checked her face in the mirror to make sure she looked her best.

Her face hands and feet were always always clean.

Heidi was the shiniest hippo anyone had ever seen.

One day she walked past her hippo friends in the mud splashing about.

“Come in Heidi, it is so much fun!” they did shout.

“No thanks” Heidi replied, “I will get dirty hands and feet.”

“And as you know, I really do prefer to be neat.”

The other hippos played for longer with many giggles and a laugh,

As they all shared the fun and messy mud bath.

After a while the hippos playing all got out and chased each other through the grass.

Getting burrs and greenery stuck to the mud as they ran past.

Heidi Hippo frowned and said to them “You are all getting very dirty, don’t you know.”

“We didn’t notice! We were too busying jumping, ducking and running to and fro!”

Heidi Hippo watched the other hippos playing and wished that play didn’t means such mess.

That she could play in the mud and jump, duck and run without dirtying her dress.

The other hippos chased each other through the grass and the muddy water until they were far away.

Heidi Hippo was now on her own, with no friends to talk to and with nothing to say.

Her friends did not come back and Heidi started to get a little scared with no-one around.

She hopped of her log and found herself slipping and sliding onto the muddy ground.

Oh dear, there was a mud on her bottom and mud on her hands and feet, for goodness sake.

She got herself up and thought that perhaps she should try clean herself in the lake.

Heidi dipped her foot in the lake, it felt cool and swishy and inviting.

Her other foot went into the water also, it was getting exciting.

Before Heidi knew what she was doing she was all in the water, her dress and all!

And she was having the most fun, the most clean fun, she was having a ball!

Josie Giraffe Loves the Laugh

Josie Giraffe loved to eat the leaves high up in the tree.

Sometimes she saw goannas on the branches, today there were three.

“Hello”  said Josie to the goannas playing in the sun,

“My name is Josie, you look as though you are having fun!”

The three goannas smiled and Mummy goanna smiled too.

“How nice of  you to say hello Josie, so very polite of you.”

“I’m going to try reach the leaves that are a bit more high.”

“Have a lovely day, nice to meet you, good-bye!”

Josie could hear a kookaburra laughing loud.

She looked up and the bird looked like it was in a cloud.

The giraffe closed her eyes and stretched her neck to meet the bird.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” was the only sound she heard.

She opened her eyes and there was a koala falling past, falling fast.

“Are you okay?”  Josie Giraffe did ask.

“You knocked me from my branch, you took me by surprise.”

The koala looked at Josie with such wonder in  her eyes.

“It was an accident, I had no idea where you were crawling.”

Josie pleaded “I’m am so sorry, please grab my neck, it will stop you from falling.”

The koala reached out for the giraffe and suddenly felt safe and sound.

“Thank you for saying you were sorry, it did make me feel less let down.”

“You’re welcome Ms Koala I would never have done it on purpose.”

“I promise to try and do my best to be a bit less careless.”

Josie put the koala on a branch with some nice green leaves to eat,

And ventured up to find the kookaburra still sitting up on her branch seat.

“Kookaburra kookaburra are you laughing at me.”

“Kookaburra kookaburra your laugh gives me glee.”

The bird smiled and the bird did laugh.

As she greeted the friendly well-mannered giraffe.


The Frog, the Bog and the Log

Freddy was a frog.

Who lived near a bog.

Near the bog there was a log.

Freddy would jump from the log to bog.

And the bog to the log.

And that’s the story of Freddy the frog.

Elly Elephant

Elly Elephant felt happy as she skipped to the park,

She sat near a tree and leant on the bark.

Her tummy rumbled as she thought of her lunch,

A sandwich,  apple and cheese to munch.

First her  jam sandwich;  “Mmmmmmm so yummy”,

Sweet and delicious in her tummy.

Ladybug Lou and her children flying by smelt the  jam,

Ladybug Lou asked “Doesn’t that smell delicious  Molly, Tom and Pam?”

Elly Elephant’s smile grew and she gave the sandwich to the family of four,

“Enjoy my friends, look in my lunchbox I have more.”

“Thank you Elly” said the ladybugs and they flew off into the sky.

Elly Elephant waved goodbye then reached for her apple so very red.

And she felt a soft touch, a boof to the side of her head.

She looked up at a horse looking at her apple with its wide brown eyes,

“Sorry Elly, I didn’t mean to bump you, it’s just your apple, it’s a very big size.”

“And I can’t help but wonder what it would taste like” said the horse.

Elly Elephant smiled,  “here, you have the apple. Be careful of the juice of course.”

The horse neighed a thank you and slowly trotted away,

While Elly Elephant looked at her cheese and thought “perfect, all I needed was a snack today.”

A little voice spoke: “A snack?   That cheese is enough to feed me today and tomorrow.”

It was a mouse and Elly knew that she just couldn’t resist the cute little fellow.

“Little mouse, here you have the cheese.”

“You can eat it all yourself however you please.”

A yip for thank you and the mouse scampered off through the playground.

And now Elly Elephant couldn’t hear a sound.

Except for the rumbling of her very empty tummy,

She looked in her lunch box but now there was nothing yummy.

“I know, I’ll get up and go to the playground for a play,

That’s what I’ll do and I’ll be happy and gay.”

Elly Elephant went to play on the swing,

After all it was her favourite thing.

Two ladybugs were playing and swinging,

One of them waited, whistling and singing.

The swinging ladybugs saw Elly and immediately stopped somehow,

“Elly kind elephant we loved the jam sandwich, it would make us so happy for you to swing now”.

Elly smiled and jumped on the swing thanking the ladybugs as she did so,

Her smile vanished as she realised that she couldn’t move not even to go slow.

She couldn’t swing, she hadn’t really ever learned or got the knack,

No need to worry, behind her she felt a gentle push and a nuzzle in her back.

It was the horse so happy to help just as Elly who had given her an apple so red,

Elly was soon swinging and felt she was going to touch the trees, the clouds, the sky with her head.

The new friends all played together.  But where was the mouse?

It turns out the scampering little cheese-eating creature had an enormous restaurant for a house.

She came back with a feast that was fit for a king and presented it to Elly,

And the elephant ate until she had a very very very full belly.